Aluminum Wheel Stripping: Aluminum Wheel Coating Remover, To: Remove Paint & Powder/Strip Aluminum Wheels,  Paint Strip Products: Powder Coating Stripper, Aluminum Wheel Stripping Service, Paint Stripping, Paint Removal, Coating Removal Service and more- About Us


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Aluminum Wheel Stripping: Aluminum Wheel Coating Remover, To: Remove Paint & Powder/Strip Aluminum Wheels,  Paint Strip Products: Powder Coating Stripper, Aluminum Wheel Stripping Service, Paint Stripping, Paint Removal, Coating Removal Service and more- About Us

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Aluminum Wheel Stripper/s & Aluminum Wheel Clear Coating Remover/s: Products & Service/s To Strip & Recondition Aluminum Wheels - About Us  

Aluminum Wheel Stripper for Stripping Aluminum Wheels: Aluminum Stripper to Recondition Aluminum Wheels, Aluminum Wheel Clear Coat Remover, Alloy Wheel Stripper, Aluminum Paint Stripping Products, Aluminum Powder Coating Strippers, Paint Stripping Chemicals, 

Aluminum Wheel Stripper - Low Temperature: MILES #8660 and Room Temperature Thickened MILES #8659

Aluminum Wheel Paint Stripping products and Services/Aluminum Alloy Wheel Powder Coating Stripper to Recycle Costly Paint Rework. Aluminum Wheel Paint Stripper to Strip Powder and Remove Clear Coating  from  Aluminum Wheels & Steel Parts, Hooks, Racks & Fixtures in minutes.

Aluminum Wheel Stripping Products to Strip_Aluminum_Wheels 

Aluminum Wheel Stripping / How To:  Strip Aluminum Wheels,                             Procedure Demonstrates: Aluminum Wheel Stripped in MILES #8660.


Aluminum Wheels can be safely, chemical stripped at low temperatures with MILES Chemical Solutions #8660. The Aluminum Wheel can be reconditioned by removing the old coating with MILES Chemical Solutions #8660 in approximately one hour and then re-coating the aluminum rims with durable powder coating.

Process Requirements:

*  A stainless steel or polypropylene tank to immerse the aluminum wheel/s.

*  An immersion heater.

*  A tank mixer for agitation, Note: Never use air agitation, chemical oxidation                     will occur which decreases chemical bath life.

*  Polypropylene floating evaporation inhibitor balls

*  MILES Chemical Solutions #8660 Aluminum Stripping Solution Concentrate.

*  Water                                                                           ____________________________


1) Utilize a Polypropylene or Stainless,

heated immersion strip tank. Strip Tank

2) Add 50% MILES Chemical Solutions #8660 and 50% water.Miles Chemical Solutions stripping solution                            

3) Agitate solution with mixer or circulation pump. Note: Never agitate with direct-air! Oxidation, decreases chemical bath life.

4) Heat solution up to to 150F.  Temperature Controller

5) Soak wheels for 1.5 hours, while maintaining 150 Degrees F. Note: Utilize a tank lid and polypropylene floating evaporation inhibitor balls to reduce solution loss and replenishment requirements and extend to chemical bath life.

6) Rinse the Aluminum Wheels with water and a pressure washerPressure water rinsing                  to remove paint: powder and excess coating from recessed areas on the aluminum wheel surface.                                                                           ____________________________


After stripping, the aluminum alloy wheels have a pre-paint, original bright surface appearance and are ready to return to the powder coating process.  

The de-laminated coating sludge can be easily removed from the strip tank with a 75- mesh in-line, stainless basket strainer, skimmer or screen parts basket filter.


  • MILES Chemical Solutions #8660 coating removal process is normally implemented in Paint Finishing and Powder Coating facilities, additionally at many Industrial-Coating Removal Service & Stripping Service Contractors worldwide.

  • This is an easy to implement process in an Industrial Environment, such as in Paint, Finishing and Powder Coating Facilities and at Coating   Removal Service Providers. This aluminum wheel stripping process was not developed for individual consumer use.

  • MILES#8659 a thickened brush-on product used at  room - temperature to remove clear coat and TGIC Powder 1-3 hours, European and Japanese wheels require overnight application                                                    ____________________________

MILES #8660 Aluminum Strip: Powder Coat Stripper

DESCRIPTION:                                                                                                                       MILES#8660 AMBIENT POWDER STRIP-THIN is a paint strip solution formulated to under-cut: de-laminate and remove Powder Coating from Aluminum and Steel paint rework.  #8660 can be used to strip Aluminum Wheels and e-coat racks: e-coat paint rework when HEATED.


MILES#8660 AMBIENT POWDER STRIP-THIN                                        

Utilize a stainless steel or polypropylene immersion tank with a lid, ventilation and a mixer. Immerse powder  coated parts & hooks in MILES-#8660 at 50% concentration with water at 150F. to strip powder coated aluminum wheels and powder coat rework parts: remove powder coating in 15 to 20 minutes per 3 mils  cured powder coating. Utilize-polypropylene-evaporation inhibitor-floats to reduce evaporation and replenishment requirements, save on chemical, dollars and extend solution bath life. A pressure (1800-5000psi), water rinse is normally recommended when utilizing under-cutting: de-laminating technologies. The Benefits of under-cutting: de-laminating paint removal process solutions are many, including: easier to remove coating sludge in-sheets, resulting in longer bath life, lower operating cost, utilizing up to 50% water in the process, safer less hazardous for the operator and the environment.

 or Utilize MILES #8660, 100%- neat at ambient room temperatures  for 1-3 hours for cast aluminum and overnight for steel paint hooks. 

For (e-coat removal, utilize #8660 heated only) at 50% concentration with water at temperatures of 150F.-185F. Strip time is 10 minutes to 15 minutes.

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T   E   C   H   N   I   C   A   L        D   A   T   A 


MILES #8659 Thickened, Brush-on, Room Temperature Stripper.

MILES#8659 a thickened brush-on product used at  room - temperature to remove clear coat and TGIC Powder in 1-3 hours, European and Japanese wheels require overnight application to strip aluminum wheels.  The loose coating can be removed with a spark-less scraper, disposable cloth or steel wool pads, and then rinse with soap and water, dry and reprocessed through the paint or powder coating.  

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